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Open your bitcoin city FREE, expand it and increase your hourly incomes!


What is

It's an hybrid system between a faucet and an investor based game, playable with bitcoin.

How much can I make with

Our faucet guarantees you 50 satoshi minimum, every hour, lifetime, for free! If you buy a building it generates hourly income until you receive double the initial cost. On top of that, with the affiliates program you can earn bitcoin without an investment.

How the funds are distributed?

85% goes towards user cashouts, 5% towards affiliates commissions, 5% towards marketing, and only 5% towards our profit.

What are the differences between and other websites of the same type?

We guarantee maximum professionalism and consistency. As you can see, we are committed to the development of our website in a big way. We believe investment-based are inevitable, so why not make a really good one?

Can I join your affiliate program without investing in the game?

Yes, you can. All you need is register, copy your affiliate link and invite people to join. You will earn 5% of the cost of the buildings that they buy, which is instantly added to your balance every time they buy a building, forever.p>

Can I deposit from all of type of wallets?

Yes, you can. And, if you need, once a week you can generate a new deposit address.

What happens if I lose my password?

Passwords are all encrypted so we don't know them. As a result, we can't recover your password if you lose it.

What happens if someone steals or hacks my account?

They can't cashout your balance instantly because all cashouts need to be approved. If you inform us promptly we can block the attempted cashout. Contact us by email as soon as possible- it's in your hands.

How long does my cashout request take?

Cashouts are processed automatically but must be approved manually for security reasons. The estimated time is at most 72 hours if there are a lot of requests. We will try to be as fast as possible and can usually process them within a day.

What is your profit?

We only take a 5% fee from every deposit. Advertising revenues are used to pay our players. Anything left from advertising we keep as profit.

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