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Open your bitcoin city FREE, expand it and increase your hourly incomes!


1. Register or Login;

2. Every 1 hour, forever, at least 50 satoshi will be added to your faucet's "Bank", which can then be claimed every 8 hours. When you claim them they will instantly be added to your balance.

3. You can also buy new buildings that increase the hourly income of your city. You can either buy the next available building that says “Expand” above it or you can buy the same building up to 3 times.

4. Every hour your buildings generate income. A buildings' hourly income ranges from 0.05% to 0.07% of their cost. You don't need to claim the hourly income of buildings you bought since they are added to your balance directly, hour after hour.

5. Every building you buy gives a bonus income to your faucet's hourly income. This bonus is removed when one of your active buildings reaches double its initial cost.

6. You can have maximum of 3 buildings that have the same cost at the same time. The faucet building (bank) is your first building. It’s free and will generate a minimum of 50 satoshi forever.

7. Deposits are added to your balance in the user area of your city after one confirmation.

8. Buildings generate income until they reach double their initial cost (200%). After this, the building will be disabled and become available to buy again.

9. The minimum amount for cashouts is 0.001 btc. You can decide to cashout whenever you like after reaching that amount. You must wait 24 hours in between cashouts.

10. Your cashout requests are processed automatically but need to be approved manually for security reasons. This way if someone steals or hacks your account they can't cashout your balance instantly. The estimated time to approve your cashout varies from a few minutes to a maximum of 72 hours.

11. You can invite other people to register with your affiliate's link and earn 5% of the cost of the buildings that they buy, every time they buy a new one, forever! Your 5% fee will be accredited instantly to your balance.

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